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Styling Oversized Hoodie

November 26, 2018

Hey Loves!

It’s been a while, I blame it on nothing but my lack of drive to create any content for a while now. But I’m back to my regular schedule program of posting at least one content a day.

Also, I’m sure you’ll notice a few changes on the site, this is In order to make the site more appealing and make browsing through it easier. 

Secondly, I will be posting sales on the site from some of my favorite places to shop. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, I always make sure the site I post, ships to most countries especially for my readers in the Caribbean. I wouldn’t post any product/company except I have purchased items from them and I’m always looking for affordable deals as well because I don’t make enough for me to splurge and also, adulthood has its way of making you rethink every purchase😂.




I've always emphasized on how less is more and how I love comfortable clothing that I can either dress up or dress down.

An Oversized hoodie is a staple in every girl's closet more so because of how comfortable and snug it feels especially if you're the type who loves men's hoodies, your boyfriends or whomever close to you (Guilty🙋🏾‍♀️)

With the weather getting a little cooler, a comfortable hoodie is always a go to.

For this look I wanted an edgy look whilst still remaining cozy and classy.

An oversized hoodie can be worn with either thigh high boots for that sexy edgy look or with a bottom that could compliment the type of hoodie or style one is going for.


 My Tips:

OWN IT! It should be your look and your style which can only be translated by the curator (YOU).

For this looking I was going fora casual tomboyish look. Adding simple accessories like my fedora hat which I purchased from uniqlo.(My first ever purchase and I love the uniqueness of the hat).

With styling, paying attention to colors and bringing out colors that you feel would make an outfit standout is always key.

Coordinating the hat with the inscription on my hoodie was on purpose to draw attention to the association between them.


 Vinyl has been one of the 80s trends that is here to stay, from vinyl skirts, pants to jackets. And everyone is getting into it. It is trendy, shiny and definitely a show stopper. My candid advice would be 🗣" DO NOT WEAR VINYL IN A HOT CLIMATE" 🗣I know we all want to follow trends and rock whatever but I  always preach about comfort with each outfit and a vinyl and latex outfit will have sweat trickling down your spine or any other place ladies😏

Personally, I rather wear a vinyl or latex pants during a cooler weather, hence my reason for pairing it with the oversized hoodie for a trendy look.

 Shop this Look

Hoodie- From my BF's closet to mine 😂

Pants- Prettylittlethings

Hat- Uniqlo

Shoes- Shopakira

Lip Balm- Winky Lux (Check my homepage for discounts and great deals)

 I hope you guys have that one favorite oversized hoodie sitting in your closet, either filled with memories or just purchased for the cozy comfort of it.

Leave your comments about your favorite hoodie and other ways you style them.



Peace & Love❤️


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