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Blogging & Medicine

September 10, 2018

Hey loves!

I love writing & sharing my ideas or penning down my feelings. Growing up, I would write poems, Maxims & short stories and my mum would review them. I always thought I’d have my first book published before I turned 20 (but life has it’s plans).

Asides from writing, I love fashion a lot. I can sketch out clothing designs, sew and make jewelries (which I learnt all by myself). I would usually have my mum model my products and she would force her friends and staffs to buy them lol (she’s the real MVP).

Although my passion for sharing my ideas, creating contents based on on what I feel my readers can relate to or appreciate grew stronger, I have another passion which is taking care of people. I know it might sound a little cliche to some people; “Argh you aren’t perfect or that nice” or whatever, I’m far from perfect but I love to take care of people. 

Studying Medicine has always been my first choice as a kid (aside from being an astronaut) and my mum couldn’t be any happier lol. 

Spending so much time at the hospital convinced me even more. Medicine to me is a selfish course/career. You have to give it all you can and always think about the grey areas. I feel most people who go into the career of being a doctor with just the mindset of getting paid, tend to get frustrated over time. To be honest, the love of Medicine and knowing I can touch lives, learn about every intricate part of the human body and mind fascinates me (I’m a huge nerd although I hate to admit it) and still get paid for it.

Medicine is considered one of the noble professions although back then it was a big deal. Fast forward to 2018 where some IG influencers get paid better than some doctors, that is where the passion and love for what you do comes in.

I Love writing, creating contents and I love Medicine. I try to juggle both by creating more time for that which needs the most attention and requires much effort which is Medicine. I’m not saying blogging doesn’t, but trust me being a doctor isn’t just about putting on white coats and cute scrub suits. You always have to be on your grind.

My routine:

I’m currently preparing for one of my board exams so I study for 8 hrs in between which I take breaks. Before finally going to bed at 10:40 p.m, I look through the pictures I took over the weekend, think about what I was going for and then write down my blog topic. With writing, as soon as I pick up my pen, it starts pouring out to the extent that I even have to stop myself lol. Content ideas might come at anytime so I’m always with my phone to write it down. I usually shoot on the weekends when my best friend is available. I don’t do a lot of editing but I make sure I create a day (usually Saturdays) where all my contents are uploaded on my website and scheduled for publishing.

 These are my passions and I have refused to let one die because of the other. Rather, I create time, nurture and learn my craft to be better at it.

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 Peace & Love ❤️



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