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Arts et Fashion...

June 20, 2018

Hey Guys!

I have always been fascinated by art and I am always looking for mural art on every corner of Chicago. It has gotten so bad that before I visit a new city I search Pinterest for mural walls or unique artistic design in that vicinity. 

 With every brush stroke or color combination, there is a story and that is what I usually fall in love with. 

With Fashion and style, I see the same thing. I express myself from not only wearing the outfit but the confidence that exudes when I do. Fashion has evolved over time and I'd like to think that we are now appreciating what was been worn in the 60s but with a little twist and edge.

 Art and Fashion are two entities that revolve around the same sphere,which is creativity.

Art in its own aspect has followed humanity through its times and the world of fashion has also been synonymous to it. The two mediums share a close relationship.

Fashion has its deep roots set in self  expressionism, a means to show the world our personality by way of body enhancement and clothing. Art as well tends to articulate the thoughts of the artist across to the spectator, by the colors that have been used to the mood that the artwork brings about. 


I got this simple stripe set from 'prettylittlethings' and decided to pair it with a classic sneaker just for that casual layback look.

I recommend this styling for a day filled with activities. With the weather getting hotter, i opted for a sports bra as my first and only choice and I still look stylish without trying too hard.

                                              Shop this look:

                                         Set- Prettylittlethings

                                         Sneakers- Reebok U.S.A

                                        Sports Bra- Umbro

                                        Sunglasses- Zaful

How has art affected your fashion or sense of style?

Leave your comments, share this post please.
Peace and Love ❤️  

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