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Being In My Element

March 12, 2018


Hey Guys!

I hope the month of March has been amazing for you all because it has definitely been for me.

Like i said in my earlier blog posts, i am trying to be  more consistent with my blog post this year so expect blog contents from me twice a week ( Mondays & Fridays). 

 My definition of being in your element is simply being in a surrounding or environment that you are most comfortable with.

 Being in my element or in my zone is having to play dress up and also creating my own style with attitude.

My outfit on this post depicts how i am able to switch up my style. This whole outfit defines my comfort level with a little bit of edge.



 Striped Pants: 

Striped pants are one of the biggest fashion trends right now and has always been especially black and white stripes.

Wearing a bright colored striped pants can be intimidating but the idea is to pick a color in the pair like i did with my top. 

 For an easy comfortable look for spring, pair with a sneaker and ensure not to take away from the striped pants by wearing a colorful distracting footwear. But then again, if it's your style...Roll with it Darling!!!


The Beret

 The beret has been in style for decades. In western fashion, men and women have worn the berets as sports wears and later as fashion statements.

The beret is a part of the long standing stereotype of intellectuals, film director, artist, hipsters and poets. Some where inside me i was feeling like one of those.  

 Leather Jacket:

Every girl needs a good pair of black leather jacket. It basically goes with anything. Be mindful of the fit and what type of look you're going for.

 An edgy comfortable look with a striped pants can be attainable and my element is me styling and putting looks together.

I hope this blog post helps you in styling that striped pants you've had in your closet for a minute now. 


Peace and Love...

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